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Eazy Swindles is a New York hip-hop artist who is on a solid path to a major come-up. Born in Queens, his people called him “Eazy” growing up and “Swindles” was added later by the old heads in the neighborhood who thought he was always trying to pull a fast one on them. He’s already worked with stars including Gunna, Lite Fortunato, and Suave the Don and has two tracks recorded with Gunna that he will drop soon. Swindles started life listening to rappers like 50 Cent but soon was into Down South-type artists including Young Thug, Gunna, and Kodak Black, all of whom have influenced his writing. 


Swindles grew up around music, having friends that rapped and a father who worked with Biggie Smalls, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Funk Master Flex, and Wu-Tang Clan. He was 20 when he first stepped to the mic on his own and invested time and money into seeing what he could become. Music has always been about business for him and he plays the game high and tight. “I describe my music as real as a bitch,” he says, “Ain't no cap in my music and it's for everyone’s ears.” 


“My music is catered to anyone out there chasing a bag, going through different struggles,” Eazy continues, “but I also make music for the youth and for everyone wanting to hear some heat.” His goals are forming a military-strong team around himself, gaining the attention and love of music fans around the world, and making his family proud. Eazy Swindles is an important new face on the scene and it’s only a matter of time until listeners everywhere are bumping what he’s putting down. Get him in your headphones now!